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General Policies

Vendor Setup and Cleanup

Vendors such as florists, musicians, bakers and the like, may begin setup 3 hours prior to the start of the event . Removal of the vendor’s equipment is required immediately following the event but in some cases items may be left and picked up the following morning. If more than 3 hours setup time prior to the event start time is needed then the additional hours, if available, will be billed at $300.00 per hour.


Masterson's Catering uses your final guarantee for staffing and food and beverage ordering purposes.  Once a guarantee is received, you will be responsible for payment based on your guarantee even if fewer guest actually attend.  If more guests attend than your guarantee #, and we prepare additional products, or staff additional service, your billing will be based on the guarantee plus the additional # over your guarantee.  A guarantee number of attendees is required seven working days prior to the function.  In the event that the guarantee is not received seven working days prior to the event, we will assume the guarantee to be the maximum number previously expected.   Food and Beverage menu pricing will be guaranteed by Masterson’s Catering 12 Months prior to your event however some product may not be available from our suppliers.  In this case a suitable substitute will be arranged between Mastersons Catering and the client.


Service Charges and Gratuities

It is agreed that the event will begin promptly at the scheduled time, and that all attendees will vacate the facility at the closing hour indicated.  In addition, it is agreed that any changes made to the setup of the room must be done before the room has been prepared for the event.  Failure to comply may result in additional charges which will be used to cover the facilities extra expense.

A 23% service charge is added to your total final billing excluding the Facility Rental Fee and Sales Tax.  The service charge pays for the staff required to setup, serve, and cleanup your event and general administrative expenses.  This fee is not a gratuity to the staff working your event.  Gratuities are not required and are not added to your billing by The Olmsted.   Gratuities are encouraged if you feel your service was more than outstanding.  If you choose to add a gratuity to your bill, the gratuity is paid out immediately to the staff and is therefore non-refundable and non-adjustable.

Olmsted Facility Rental Fees

Friday Evening $3000.00

Saturday  $4000.00

Sunday $1000

Monday through Thursday Evenings $600

Monday through Friday Morning and Lunch Events $450.00

Facility Retainer and Deposits

Once an event is confirmed in our system and your have placed the required booking retainer you are guaranteed our services on that date and time except in the case of our inability to execute an event due to acts of God or acts or  Governments  or Property Owner that would preclude us from servicing your event.

For events at The Olmsted, a retainer in the amount of the full Facility Rental Fee is due to secure availability.  An event is considered only tentative until the required retainer is received and may be subject to loss of availability.  If an event is canceled by no fault of The Olmsted, then the retainer is non refundable. In addition to the retainer, a Catering Deposit in the amount of 50% of the Food and Beverage minimums is required.  If an event is canceled by no fault of The Olmsted or Masterson’s Catering, then this 50% deposit for the Food and Beverage Minimum is non refundable unless canceled 270 days prior to the event date for all Friday or Saturday evening events or 90 days for Sunday through Friday events concluding by 3pm.


Mastersons Catering Minimums
All Friday evening events have a minimum food and beverage requirement of $8000
Saturday events ending by 3pm have a minimum food and beverage requirement of $5000
Saturday events ending after 3pm have a minimum food and beverage requirement of $11,000
Sunday events have a minimum food and beverage requirement of $4000
All other weekday parts have a $22.00 food and beverage minimum per guest and a minimum of 75 guests.

Rental rates are based on a 4 hour event time with foodservice. Three hours before the event is allotted for setup time and 1.5 hours following for vendor pickup.  Non-foodservice event fees will be higher than those listed below and can only be calculated on an individual event basis.  Additional hour rental on foodservice events over and above 4 hours will be billed at a rate of $400.00 per hour plus 2% service charge per hour.


Food and Beverage
Food and beverage may not be brought onto the premises unless given permission by the Olmsted Event Director. An exception to this rule would be a wedding cake. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Masterson’s Catering. Masterson’s Catering will not be held liable for any actions of guests and invitees on or off premise if any alcoholic beverages are served at your function by anyone other than employees of Masterson’s Catering. For liability reasons, leftover food must remain the property of Masterson’s Catering.


Beverage Charges
We do not have a minimum sale requirement for bars however the host of the function is responsible for any staff fees associated with services whether the bar is a host bar or a cash bar. Cash bars at wedding receptions are not allowed at The Olmsted.


It is agreed that any and all applicable taxes will be paid in addition to the charges listed in this menu and all written agreements. Tax exempt organizations must provide a copy of the tax-exempt Kentucky Sales Tax Exemption certificate 1 week prior to the function. Please note that a
State and Federal income tax exemption is not the same as State sales tax exemption.


Payment and Billing
All charges are to be paid in full at least seven days prior to the event. If direct billing privileges are requested, a complete credit application must be received and approved by our credit manager two weeks prior to the function date. Masterson’s will not bill social functions or political functions. Items that cannot be calculated prior to the end of the function, such as bar consumption, will be paid for at the end of the event by credit card. Cash, certified check, or money order is the preferred method of payment. Personal checks will not be accepted unless received 14 days prior to the event date.

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