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Facility Rental Information
When renting The Olmsted for an event, your event rental includes usage of the entire facility should you so desire. Your group will not share event space or common areas with another function unless given permission by you.
Rental Fees
Rental rates are based on a 4-hour event time with foodservice. Non foodservice event fees will be higher than those listed below and can only be calculated on an individual event basis. Additional hour rental on foodservice events over and above 4 hours will be billed at a rate of $250.00 per hour plus the additional labor hours required. The Olmsted is available for wedding ceremonies prior to the reception. A fee of $700.00 will be assessed for ceremonies, inside or outside and includes rehearsal time.
Grounds Rental
Available only if interior space is rented.
Vendor Setup and Cleanup
Vendors such as florists, musicians, bakers and the like, may begin setup 3 hours prior to the start time of your event. Removal of the vendor’s equipment is required immediately following the event but in some cases items may be left and picked up the following morning. A fee of $150.00 per hour will be accessed if additional setup time is required.

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